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With subject matter based on our experiences working with individuals with complex health and social needs in Camden, our custom-designed courses can support you in caring for complex populations.  


Cohort 1: Jan 18 – March 8

Cohort 2: Spring 2022

Introducing COACH: Moving out of the “fix it” framework towards sustainable change. This 8-week course combines live, instructor-led trainings with supplemental reflection and learning activities to give you the knowledge, tools, and experience to implement our COACH model

This course is a unique e-learning experience that will reshape the way you interact with and deliver care to individuals you work with. Participants can expect to learn concrete behaviors that will elevate patient engagement, patient outcomes, and lead to sustainable change.

10 CEUs are available upon course completion for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and social workers.

Note: Registration for cohort 1 is now full. Please join our waitlist for our Spring 2022 cohort by entering your information in this form. Should seats become available prior to the course start date, we will notify individuals on our waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Below is an overview of each of the sessions and their learning objectives. 

Sessions and learning objectives

Session objectives:

  • Identify the difference between traditional care and whole-person, relationship-driven care.
  • Learn to move from a “fixing” to a coaching strategy.
  • Tie coaching strategies to your own values and the reasons you do your work.
  • Understand evidence-based principles for developing authentic healing relationships.
  • Model authentic healing relationships with your colleagues and community partners that ensure a holistic approach to care.

Session objectives:

  • Identify “fixing” indicators/behaviors
  • Recognize elements of the COACH model.
  • Apply a person-centered and holistic approach to collaboratively identify priorities for a care plan with patients.
  • Practice using open-ended questions to understand what the participant already knows, values, and prioritizes.
  • Identify tension points (tug-of-war moments), issues (disengagement, stagnation), and actions to take to resolve them.
  • Demonstrate the shift in power, empowering the participant to be the driver of their care plan.
  • Use the Care Planning Cards to strategically guide the conversation.

Session objectives:

  • Identify tension points (tug-of-war moments), issues (disengagement, stagnation), and actions to take to resolve them.
  • Practice observing a normal routine.
  • Identify systems and processes that the participant already uses and build upon them.
  • Differentiate when to observe a normal routine and when a situation is a high-stakes moment that may require the team to step in (i.e., death, injury, bureaucratic, time-sensitive)

Session objectives:

  • Recognize the purpose of assuming a coaching style.
  • Identify the appropriate coaching style based on the participant’s capacity to accomplish the task.
  • Formulate strategies based on coaching styles to create sustainable change.
  • Identify “sit on your hands” moments and substitute coaching strategies for fixing strategies.

Session objectives:

  • Identify the purpose of connecting tasks with the participant’s vision and priorities.
  • Align tasks from the participant’s care plan with their larger vision and goals (“I want”).
  • Recognize the importance of highlighting progress and effort (“I can”).
  • Differentiate between a growth and fixed mindset.
  • Formulate growth mindset feedback that is supported by data.
  • Provide feedback that highlights effort and progress.

Session objectives:

  • Apply the COACH framework to real-time cases. 
  • Receive individual coaching from a COACH subject matter expert. 
  • Highlight successes and challenges of applying COACH in your care setting.  
  • Receive continued support for COACH implementation in practice.

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